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List of States in Nigeria and their Natural Resources

Natural resources in nigeria

Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that is really blessed with a wide variety of different natural resources. Nigeria is known mainly for petroleum, but asides petroleum, other natural resources such as bitumen, coal, iron…

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Nigerian Television Authority: All You Need to Know

Established in 1977, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) was the first TV station in Africa. The Nigerian government owns it, and it is also partly involved in commercial broadcasting. Having over 100 stations in different parts of the…

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Life Expectancy in Nigeria

There is a popular story in John O’Hara’s book known as the “Appointment in Samarra”. It describes an apprentice that tried to outrun death, and in the process fixed his appointment with death in the village he had…

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An “Almost” Complete List of Banks in Nigeria

There has been a quest to get a lager portion of the world’s population banked; am not sure exactly who initiated that quest. But asides from enlisting among the banked population, a number of reasons could be responsible…

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T. D. Jakes’ Net Worth 2019

I guess you already know T.D Jakes. Well, if you do not, he is a man who went from dropping out of college to become to preacher to having to take a job at a Carbide Factory and…

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The Population of Nigeria: The Facts you need to know

As of February 13th 2019, latest United Nations reports show that Nigeria’s population is at 200,433,215 people, that there are 217 of these people per square kilometer, there are 103 men for every 100 women, and the median…

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