Let Us Talk About Olu Jacobs: His life and Net Worth

Veteran Nollywood Actor, Oludotun Baiyewu, popular known as “Olu Jacobs” was born on July 11th, 1942 in Ogun State. Some folks like us call him “OJ”. So I would assume to understand when i refer to him by those initials when you see it in the rest of this article. The man has been a major figure in the Nigerian film industry for decades, and if you are a millennial, as you grew up. He has also stared in both British and other international films. He even won the African Movie Academy Awards in 2007 for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Olu Jacobs is married with children. Joke Silva, his spouse, is also another major figure in the film industry.

The Beginning of His Acting Career

OJ got his primary school education in Kano, at the Holy Trinity School; he was a member of the LDDC (Literary Debating and Dramatic Club) while in school. He, however, was born to parents who hailed from Egba Alake. Providence had its way, and the young OJ tried his hands on acting when he attended an Hilbert Ogunde concert in Kano. He soon decided to try the profession with his whole body and mind, and not too long later he was engrossed. He eventually moved to England to pursue his studies in Acting. There he was part of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, and received top-class training in the art of acting.


Lets Look At His Career Broadly


Following the events that led up to his moving to London, he ended up spending most part of his youthful age in the UK. He eventually returned to Nigeria.


In the 70’s: OJ featured in numerous British TV shows and series from “The Goodies” to “ Barlow at Large”, “The Venturers”, “Angels”, “1990”, “The Tomorrow People”, “The Professionals”, and “Till Death Us Do Part”. In the late 70’s, he was the major actor as the President Mageeba in Michael Codron’s presentation of Tom Stoppard’s play Night and Day.

In the 80’s: The man featured in a number of international films some of which include John Irvin’s war film The Dogs of War, Roman Polanski’s adventure-comedy Pirates, as well as the family-adventure film Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, and also in TV telecasts like The Witches and the Grinnygog.

Outside the 70’s and 80’s, OJ has been a major figure starring in more than 130 films, both national and international, from the Royal Hibiscus Hotel to Covert Operation and Potomanto.


Ever Wondered What OJ’s Worth is? Let’s See…


The man started in Kano as you have read a few minutes ago, and in 2018, he has made himself $3.5 million. Yea, 77 years old OJ paved a path of success for himself and today, he is several million dollar rich.

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