List of Mountains in Nigeria

It is one natural glory of the planet that it is surface-diverse, and that it has waters, valleys, rocks, and mountains. These features have come to command different sorts of reactions from diferent individuals; the plateaus of Jos is as beautiful to the Eastern folk as the Niger-Benue confluence is an awesome wonder to the Southern tourists.

Talking about Tourism, Nigeria gets a lot of activity in that space year in and out. From the European commuters who want to get a feel of African culture and tourist attractions, to the Northerner who had grown up his entire life in that zone and wishes to see the Zuma rock for himself, and even the young teenage girl who has spent 17 years in Lagos and yearns to learn about the hills of Dadin-Kowa in Gombe or the colorful wildlife in the Yankari.

Nigeria is a portrait with a whole painting of naturally thrilling landmarks and tourist attractions. In this article however, we look at one kind of these featues—Mountains. In what follows, we attempt to look at some (non-exhaustive) of the mountains in Nigeria. We have biased out article slightly by considering the REALLY TALL mountains in this article. So lets rock;

  1. Chappal Waddi (highest mountain in Nigeria)

This hill in Nigeria is 2419 meters tall; and is the tallest any mountain has been measured in the country. With the Tanzanian Kilimanjaro reaching 5,895 meters above sea level, the Chappal Waddi is almost half that height. It is often named as the highest mountain in sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.

The Chappal is located in Gashaka Gumti National Park in Taraba State, near the cameroonian border. The mountain is also a part of the Bamenda-Adamawa-Mandara Mountain chain of Nigeria and Cameroon.

And one more thing, it is often called the Gangirwal Mountain.

  1. Tsaunin Kwaiki

In the middle-belt zone of the country, this tall mountain is located in Niger State. It is 2359 meters above sea level, or 7740 feets. Now that is quite some height. There are only about half a dozen mountains in Nigeria that reaches that height. There one more thing about Niger State you probably already know—its the largest in Nigeria, in terms of land area.

  1. Kumari

In the far end of the North-East, the Kumari mountain is located in Borno State. It is one of those mountains above 2 kilometers high. Its height is 2280 meters or 7480 feets above sea level.

  1. Mount Dimilang

This mountain is often said to be the tallest of the Shebshi Mountain range. Well, as to height, it is 6699 feets or 2042 meters higher than the seas. It is, like the Kumari, located in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria; however, in Adamawa State.

  1. Sankwala Mountains

Cross River State is known for a number of things, from its rich cultural heritage, its renowned festival, and the Obudu cattle ranch. But it is also known for the Sankwala Mountains. And they are really tall too; at least that is the conclusion you make for a 1.8 kilometer tall mountain!

  1. Shere Hills

Plateau State itself conjures up those imaginations of hills and mountain tops when you hear it, and maybe with an air that smells of cold dew and grapes. The Shere Hills are 1829 meters or 6001 feet elevated above the seas. And obviously they are located in Plateau State. They are indeed a great sight, especially because they ae in the most unique State in the country.

  1. Masaijeh Hill

We had mentioned the Yankari earlier in this article, the Yankari is located in Bauchi State. Do you know what else is located in Bauchi State? Yes, your guess is right—the Masaijeh Hill! With an elevation of 1593 meters, its is among the 10 mountains that reach that height in the country.

  1. Zeim Hill

There something indeed with Bauchi and tall mountains. With an elevation of 1593 meters or 5226 feet, the Zeim Hill are located in Bauchi State, and make a great site for tourism indeed.

  1. Atlantika Mountains

The Atlantika Mountains, aound where you find the interesting Koma people, are a stretch of the Cameroon line of volcanic mountains, bridging Nigeria and Cameroon in a way. They sit in the southeastern corner of Yola, the capital of Adamawa State in Nigeria, and to southwest of the Mandara mountains. The mountains are 1300 meter or 4300 feet tall.

10.Idanre Hill

In the South-West we have the Zuma rocks in Abeokuta in Ogun State; however, Ondo State is often called the State of rocks and stones. The Idanre is located in Ondo, and it is a mountain that stretches 1053 meters or 3455 feet—that’s over a kilometer by the way.

So there you have it! Some Mountains in Nigeria, or more accurately, some of the tallest mountains in Nigeria.

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