T. D. Jakes’ Net Worth 2019

I guess you already know T.D Jakes. Well, if you do not, he is a man who went from dropping out of college to become to preacher to having to take a job at a Carbide Factory and then becoming the author of best-selling books and founder of the Potter’s House Church, a non-denominational American Megachurch.


Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr. was born on the 9th of June, 1957, and he is popular known as T.D. Jakes. Jakes was born in Charleston, West Virginia. He is a filmmaker, an author, and a pastor. His church’s services and preachings are aired on The Trinity Broadcasting Network, Black Entertainment Television, Daystar Television Network, and The Word Network. He also hosts the festival MegaFest, a program that gathers together more than 300,000 people; his ministry also hosts that conference Woman Thou Art Loosed. Note that he started his congregation with just 7 people and he often says, his ancestors were ibos from Nigeria.


T.D Jakes was a speaker at the inauguration of America’s former President Barack Obama in 2009, and was with George W. Bush when he visited areas wrecked by Hurricane Katrina 4 years earlier; he has in fact had an active relationship between with some world leaders both within and outside Africa.


So onto the main subject: His Net Worth. People often say, “your network is your net worth”, well if was that basic, I guessed I would have ended this article here. In numeric terms, T.D. Jakes’ net worth is put at $18 million as of April 2017; and is put at $147 million as of 2018. But how did he come with all that much wealth?


As many people would have thought, he is a pastor of a church of several thousand members who pay some offerings and tithe. Yes, it is true that most pastors live of the offerings of their congregation, and in fact they live in thick affluence, own properties and set up businesses. Pastors own big world-class schools, fleets of private jets, and massive church auditoriums. With T.D. Jakes though, he has other channels of financial sustenance—he owns an entertainment company, and has connections with big media companies.


It all started for T.D Jakes at the age of 23; it was at this time that he assumed his first role as a pastor at a storefront church in West Virginia with less than a dozen members. His congregation has now gown to over 30,000 people, and in 1996 he founded The Potter’s House in Dallas where he had moved his family.


Jake has said that his financial fortunes are not just limited to his church, or best-selling books which includes: Before You Do, Not Easily Broken, He-Motions, Reposition Yourself, Mama Made the Difference, Making Great Decisions, but that he is also a filmmaker. He keeps pushing his difference annual programs and conferences, and he is very active, as anyone who knows him can tell for free.


Awards and Honors


Through his journey in the ministry and film industry, T.D. Jakes has won numerous awards. He also won a number of accolades for his gospel music. In fact, “A Wing and a Prayer” won a Grammy in 2003 for Best Gospel album. And he went on to get nominations for the Grammy for his album “Live at the Potter’s House”. With the title “Is this Man the Next Billy Graham”, he covered the face of Time Magazine in 2001, and was listed among the top 10 Religious Leaders by PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly in America. And in a lot of ways, you may indeed say he is very akin to Billy Graham, from his influence on the Christian group across the planet to his spiritual advisory role in American politics.



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